Continuum of Care
= Preventative Healthcare

iHug deeply cares about your life, and more importantly your health. An experience with iHug will have a profound and positive impact on your life.

We will care for you in such a personalized way, you will feel safe, appreciated and honored. We also want you to remember, every decision we make, puts you, your health, your family and your life first.

Many seniors, at home experience the aging process. iHug will be there for everyone, anywhere for all-age-care. All-Age-Care forcuses on the woman that's going to pre and post natal care, toddler care and check ups, toddler transportation, toddler care, adult care, adult check ups, adult urgent care, adult facetime care to senior care, senior independent living, senior rides, senior meaningful interactions. Senior care, senior companionship includes conversation, outside walks and activities engage and enrich the physical, mental, social, and emotional lives of seniors.

All Age Care

Care for your family or even yourself by way of requesting continuum of care and in-home care.

Everyone at iHug has put their hearts into iHug to make our service universal and special for the world. We want everyone to have instant access to any type of healthcare. We are current and former Apple employees who believe efficient and well written software will change the world of healthcare. Connecting transportation, mobile health, telemedicine and machine learning.

Easy To Use

Robust healthcare is achieved when you can access appointments through On-Demand Continuum of Care®.

Live in care or hourly services, non-medical care, home health care, customize a plan to fit most needs and budgets. Provide quality assurances to everyonem anywhere by RN, Caregivers, Medical assistants, physician assistants, supervision by software feedback. Alzheimer’s and related dementia care is our specialty. We can offer in home care for people suffering from terminal illness and involved. Our Certified Providers offer transportation and some can bridge home care over to home health non medical companions.

Expert Providers

Our Certified Companions are the best in the industry with years of experience in healthcare providing Continuum of Care.

We've started our journey to connect the world of healthcare. We are a group of former and current Apple employees who believe well written software will provide more robust healthcare through products we're building and updates on our business. We want to first focus on efficient transportation paried with artificial intelligence as we believe rideshare is the future of the world.

Stay Connected

There's a systemic breakdown in healthcare, that's why every right decision we make, ensures robust healthcare.

We want you to take control of your healthcare and answer to no one other than your caregiver, medical assistant, registered nurses, medical doctor or other certified provider. We believe iHug's software can help you have an intimate relationship with your healthcare. The better you understand your body when it speaks to you, the more targeted helthcare you know you need.

You're In Control

Fully manage your healthcare from medical records to on-demand Continuum of Care giving you a better chance at life.

There are no contracts when you use iHug's platform and ecosystem. iHug is an app based company that provides on-demand scheduling of health care services that open up access to healthcare.

No Contracts

We believe a contract should never dictate your life. We believe you should access healthcare freely and openly when and where you want.

Why Choose iHug Care Rides

iHug delivers more than Healthcare Continuum of Care to our soon to be nationwide communities, we offer hospitality, security, safety, love and a human connection along side our full range of customizable healthcare solutions.

The iHug App is like nothing you've experienced. Here at iHug, we celebrate your life everyday by creating and innovating new ways of delivering health tools. We work very hard to make our health tools accessible to everyone, anywhere. Most importanly, we put your life, your health, your family, and your happiness at the forefront of everything we do.

Lastly, our providers are ranked #1 as being the most qualified to care for you and your family. Our providers are Board certified; HIPPA certified, OSHA certified and CPR certified. You can be rest assured all of our providers have passed a criminal background check; they meet all regulatory, policy and licensing compliance, they all go through on boarding, they all achieve satisfactory performance through their profession and they all know how to handle emergency situations in the event it arises.

We Are Always Courteous

We have state-of-the-art technologies, we have ADA compliant vehicles, we offer door-to-door healthcare transportation services which are available available 24/7 for the convenience and safety of your loved one.

Our Certified Companions are committed to providing safe, courteous, on-time Continuum of Care. We take care of you on the road by providing comfortable amenities, capable certified providers and customer happiness that will surely achieve full satisfaction and exceed your expectation from anything that exists.

We Have Certified Providers

iHug takes a hands-on approach to the credentialing process with our partnered MLEC Corporation to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. This process includes a review of safety compliance procedures, driver and attendant background checks, drug testing, and site visits where vehicle and driver inspections take place. iHug also has field monitors that conduct spot inspections using tablets to capture date, time, geo‐location, and photographs of every vehicle they inspect. Vehicle information is uploaded directly into our system and used by our credentialing department to assist in tracking compliance with maintenance schedules, operating conditions, and licensing requirements. Our drivers know they have to be top star ready at every turn.

Our Certified Providers have accredited certification in the field of healthcare quality, which include demonstration in competence in healthcare quality, distinguished from other healthcare quality professionals, demonstrate dedication to the field, show preparedness to improve outcomes across the continuum of care in transportation.

iHug Community

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